Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Reminiscing... 90s beauty

I recently discovered the #30sbloggers chat on a Sunday evening at 9pm and it has swiftly become my absolute favourite part of my blogging week.  It is buzzing and friendly and I have already found loads of great new bloggers through it.  This week, I asked what products everyone remembers from back in the day (us being in our 30s and all, this mainly means the late 90s) and my Twitter feed was ringing with nostalgia.  I thought I'd share a few of the products everyone was raving about and spread some of the 90s love!

Heather and Coffee Shimmer Lipstick
This was a make up phenomenon like no other.  Almost everyone in the chat yesterday, and most other people I have spoken to about this, owned at least one of these lippies.  Any frost colour in general was popular at the time but it seems that anyone who owned any make up went straight for these.  

Over-Plucked Eyebrows
When I was at school, to have the kind of beautiful, dramatic Delevigne style brows that reign today would have been the ultimate faux-pas.  Instead, we took our browspiration from the likes of Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore, Gwen Stefani and (shamefully) Pamela Anderson and ended up with spindly arches that, alas after a few years of decimation, are unable to ever fully return to their once bushy glory.  

Our Limited Fragrance Selection!
Charlie, Body Shop Dewberry or White Musk and Impulse Body Sprays
In the 90s, it is much more likely that you wore body spray than perfume.  If you did wear perfume, it was probably from the Body Shop. One whiff of any of these delights takes me straight back to the school disco (or in our case in Lincolnshire, the giddy heights of the village Scout and Guide disco!).

Bath pearls
Bath pearls were mentioned by @chelseaprentice and @musicneyeliner during the #30sbloggers chat this week and I have to say that they were a favourite of mine too - one of the first products I owned that were a beauty 'luxury' as opposed to merely a tool to clean with.  The start of my products obsession started right there!  Bath pearls were little beads (sometimes in weird animal shapes too) filled with bubble bath or bath oil and the outer plasticky casing dissolved when you put them into warm water.  I used to love the feeling of them going soft and squidgy and always used to squeeze them until they burst - soo satisfying. 

Henara Shampoo and Sun-In 
The 90s was all about (bad) home hair care.  I experimented with both of these - unfortunately, I went for the Red Henara for a while then moved on to Sun-In before the henna had totally worn off, leaving me with horrific white and orange streaks!

From the boys -
Curtains, Lynx Africa and CK One
I asked my other half what the 'it' products were for the chaps in the 90s and he didn't seem half as excited by the nostalgia as I did - that's blokes for you eh?!  But he did come up with 3 things that stood out for him.  First up is a hairstyle that graced most male heads - curtains.  Be they long, soft and floppy a la Nick Carter, or gelled to within an inch of their life, I'm sure everything 30 something man asked for this 'do at the barbers at some point in his youth. 

The next 2 reminiscence are fragrance - Lynx Africa was a universal scent amongst teenagers and I remember thinking it smelled so manly!  If you splashed out, the scent of choice was CK One - a uni-sex fragrance that I owned at one point too. 

What beauty-related delights do you remember from your younger years?

Do you have any fond memories of these lovely(ish!) products?


  1. I just love your blog! Following you now, hope you visit and follow my blog as well!♥

    1. Ah thank you so much! I followed you too, your blog is beautiful!

      Rebecca x

  2. I definitely remember the bath pearls! I loved them as a child! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  3. Great plug for a great chat and such a brilliant post!
    What will we be writing about in ours 40s that we remember from our 20s???? :p


    Ps. That pic of Nick Carter is going to make me sleep well tonight. Ha!

  4. Absolutely loved this, it actually makes you think "what the hell was i thinking" haha.


  5. Bath pearls! How did I forget about those! My other fave was hair mascara, the hair chalk of the 90's!


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